Tuesday, June 8, 2010

25th Anniversary Goonies Celebration

Well, well, well. Where to begin?! How about last Friday? No, last Thursday!

WEDNESDAY! (I have yet to learn how to make cuts so these entries don't have to first appear so huge, so... sorry)
(Wednesday??) Elizabeth (Liz) from Sacto came into town on her way to The Event, we ate at the Horse Brass which has the best (and only) fish & chips I've ever had. And I'm not a liker of fish, so that's saying something. But, hands down, the best part was the house-made mustard. You're just gonna have to try it to understand it. To live it, and breathe it* (*Don't breathe it).

After work, I got my stuff together and we left for Cannon Beach (HOLY SH*T, I can't wait to get the film back from that!) where Liz's friends rented a fu¢king humble castle mansion, complete with a 50" flatscreen, blu-ray player, and Direct TV....AND THAT'S JUST IN THE KID'S ROOM. WHAT?! And guess what I forgot to do? Take photos of it. FLOCKING JELLO. So, Thursday evening, I'm introduced to (ready for it? I'm about to remember many names, but not all, and definitely not in order of appearance) Giuseppe, Red, Damon, Matt, Alex, Vanessa, Merk, uhhh... Martin, Natalie, Terry, Moe, umm... Brennan(sp?), Ryo, wow... I think there were a lot more people than my brain can remember right now. Let's put it this way: I think someone said there were 17 people staying in that house. THAT HOUSE. THERE WAS ANOTHER HOUSE PEOPLE WERE STAYING AT TOO. The caps-lock means that particular thought is "unfu¢kingbelievable!" The rest of the night I pretty much observed the gathering having their inside conversations. One observation is that they're all nerds and comfortably refer to themselves as "Goonies" as they belong to the thegoonies.org message boards. Ahh, it's a fun clique they have there.

I was the lone wolf all day, and it was the second best day of the whole trip. I took the ol' camera (film! I didn't even bring the digital!) to Cannon Beach and walked around Haystack Rock and surrounding "needles." I think, quite possibly, the most amazing natural seen I've ever scene. Strike that, reverse it. Then I drove over to Ecola Park, another "Oh My God of Wilderness" landscape. Aaaaand the battery in my camera accidentally drained before I got there, so I don't have any pictures but the one I posted on the facebook. After that, since nobody was left at the house, I assumed they left for Astoria so I trekked my way up there and wandered around that quaint little town. Walked by a gallery that had some incredibly cool paintings on the wall by a dude named, Darren Orange. Talked to him for a bit, and he gave me a few post cards of his work. I love it. After that I found a photo gallery/store called Lightbox Photographic. I'm in love with this place. At first I was just enjoying the photography they exhibit, but then I talked to the lady of the house who was apparently interested in what I had to say because she then introduced me to her husband whom I had a very long discussion about photography, c-printing, Portland photogs, etc. etc. Ahhh, what a great contact to make. Super nice people. This means fine art hand-printed color photos will eventually be available from this journal. I can't wait! Queso, then I met up with the group at the Red Carpet event which included the premier of a Goonies Documentary including cast/crew interviews as well as a presentation of a remastered version of The Goonies which will be coming out on DVD and BluRay this November. After that we went to Wet Dog where I got pretty toasted on two cups of the Truffle Shuffle Stout (made with real truffles!). Vanessa ended up driving my sorry butt back to Cannon Beach. I love my conversation skills when I've been drinking. I can't focus on a topic longer than a few rebuttals, so they evolve very quickly spanning many, many topics. Almost all of which I've since forgotten because, like I said, I was a little too tipsed. But that was my first real interaction with any of The Goonies in the houses, and that is what I think catalyzed my more social self for the rest of the trip. Was this the same night that Vanessa, Martin, Natalie, and I were shootin' the shit at the fu¢king castle while everyone else was bonfiring it up on the beach? I can't remember. But I enjoyed that as well.

Alex, Vanessa, Terry, and I meandered back up to Astoria for the bus tour, where Terry ditched us and left us to have the greatest day, in my opinion, of the weekend. We toured the Goonie house, Mouth's house (where everyone rodiculously took pictures of.... a sink....), the Short Circuit House, The school Kindergarten Cop was filmed, as well as The Ring 2, and the football field at the beginning of The Goonies, and finally the bowling alley where Chunk junked his milkshake. We had a round of bowling, we laughed, we cried (laughing), and died (later that night from exhaustion due to laughter). Gaht damn that was a good day. Maybe this was the night we talked to Martin and Natalie? I can't remember. I was drunk almost every night.

Several of us went BACK to Astoria for breakfast (well, lunch), after which Vanessa and I walked a little up and down the pier taking pictures of "slippery when wet" signs and giggling like school children. After which we briskly explored the yard of an old, creepy, dilapidated house owned by the Flavel family (a crazy, long-standing family of Astoria that has A LOT of money). Someday we're going back to explore the inside. At night. And we're bringing sleeping bags......... DUN DUN DUN!!! After that we cut short to the shipwreck of the Peter Iredale, took a few photos, walked along the beach, found a used condom, laughed, and skedaddled back to the house on Cannon Beach where we got drunk with a few other folks, watched most of a shitty movie called "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" starring Debbie Gibson, survived the shenanigans of a horny englishman, and dealt with an annoying problem my truck likes to have every once in a while. But at least I payed it off that Sunday morning. SMILE.

Pretty much just goodbyes, and hugs, and smiles, and handshakes. Drove home. Went to work. Back to the grind.

But my head is still swimming in Cannon Beach. Ahhh <3 Today! Took a few rolls of film to Blue Moon Camera & Machine to get some optically exposed prints (nobodies offers optical prints anymore, so this is very exciting to me). Stay tuned...

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