Friday, April 23, 2010



Alright, well, I am constantly being approached by people regarding the whereabouts of the photos on this "blog" (I still hate this word). Though it's definitely not annoying (rather flattering really, considering I don't advertise this thing anywhere), it does warrant an explanation.

I've discontinued the calendar, yes, that is for certain. It was started as a way to keep my unemployed brain busy from over thinking worries and loneliness. But then my life started. I got a job, I made friends, I have adventures with friends, I've experience new things, got a girlfriend, lost a girlfriend, got sick, got better, GOT SICK AGAIN (WTF?!), rediscovered old bands, planned and am currently preparing for new projects, watched a ton of TV on DVD, planned to revisit Tucson for a wedding, wedding moved, planning visits from friends, pet dogs, drank a lot of alcohol, made lists... and no, this blog isn't a photo blog. It's a recount of my newness to Portland of Oregon. My adventures (there have been so many I haven't mentioned here. I will get better at that, I promise!), my opinions, my habits, my inside jokes, sentiments, and wonders... I was thinking to myself at work earlier today about how many ideas for photos, films, jokes, marketing thoughts, projects, friendships, relationships, lists..., etc. These things come to me while I'm doing the robotic movements and procedures at work. You have a repetitive enough job and everything turns into muscle memory. If my mind doesn't have to focus on packing glass as I'm packing it, it's going to think about things that do require focus. These thoughts are the things I should be writing about in this journal (yeah, journal. That's a better word.). They are the mental exhaust of what has recently happened, and what I will hope to happen in the future.

But the real question is: what do I exclude? Now that I'm being watched by my peers and superiors, how do I know my personal life is VERY separate from my professional/work life? I don't bring work home with me (except for the boxes of glass I'm supposed to memorize OFF THE CLOCK [WHAT?! OFF THE CLOCK?! Hmmm...] but that is neither here nor there), and I don't bring home into work with me. What I do in either world is mutually exclusive to both. Having that be, How personal should I get about my personal life? And how descriptive shouldn't I be about something I find interesting about the company I work for? Sooner or later I must discuss my job, since it eats up 40 hours of my week. That's nearly half of my waking life during a given week! I won't divulge into work right now, since I just got home, but I will say everything is honky dory with it. I have no complaints (except for the memorization of product codes off the clock), but then again it is pretty good mental practice.


Anywhat, I got back a few rolls of film I shot around the time and the day I went to Saturday Market. I've been photographing everything for about 10 years, I've been shooting mostly digital for almost 3 years, and I have to say I STILL prefer film. Hands down. One of the biggest reasons for this is because I take a lot more time and consideration into each frame, since each frame costs money. And because of that, I'm a little more proud of the trivial things that end up getting photographed.

Flowers on Tabor

So there it is. A jumbled mess of an explanation. Like I said, this is mental exhaust. And from now on, Journal, you will be hearing and seeing more form me very soon.

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