Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sometimes your world explodes into either a million bloody pieces or a million billion colors. As of a few moments ago, my head has been traveling the Crayola highway as I have just found out that Eluvium (Matthew Copper) is touring again.

Do yourself a favor: go see him blow your mind away after 3 fast beers (or none, ya prudes).

Tour Dates. April 29th @ Holoscene in Portland, and May 6th @ Trunkspace in Phoenix. The lie Eluvium experience is met with visuals via video projection (yes, he's one of those musicians!).

Ahhh. I need you to go.

Under the Water It Glowed. Just listen. Drink a beer. Close your eyes. Smoke a bowl. Take a nap. Walk the beach. Smell the desert. Hear the stars. Turn out the lights. Do whateverthefuck it is you want that puts you in a headspace nobody can touch.

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