Monday, December 21, 2009

I suppose I should get started!

Queso ("Okay + So," for those of you who don't know me, I say this word often. I dunno, I just do. I love cheese, wanna fight about it?)


Alright, thank you for letting me get on with the show. Christ on cracker. Yeah, I'm a "blasphemer" too, wanna discuss this one too? Good. Because you're right, this is a blog. A monologue. Single-sided
. We cannot evolve through my thoughts in real-time together. That's just the way it is...


I am not going to go into much detail (maybe a little regarding my travels), since they are pretty hazy at the moment. I've been in Portland since November 13th, a Friday (we'll get back to this later), which makes today Day 52 of (somewhat) residing in Portland, OR. I left my house in Tucson, AZ around 8:30PM, October 30th (another Friday), 2009. I made a short stop at the Bonasera House to drop off some memories with a friend, and finally left the city limits at 9PM.

I arrived in Tempe to say one last goodbye to an old friend, which turned out to be a little more sad of an experience than I anticipated. I expected some laughing and a beer and a quick hug goodbye, but it turned into a few hours of conversation and many hugs! It was nice, to say the least, but just one of those things that makes you not want to move so damn far away.

I finally left Phoenix around 12am, in time to appreciate the sunrise in Los Angeles. I drove non-stop to San Fransisco. According to the miles left and time that had gone by, my calculations put the assumption in my head that I'd get to Jamie's house somewhere between 2-3pm.

Dead wrong.

Google's map told me I'd be crossing Bay Bridge to get to Jamie's house, which would have been true if I didn't hear so many people say it was Golden Gate that had collapsing cables. Those of you who are aware that there are more bridges in San Francisco than just one would have kept reading the news stories stating it was, in fact, the Bay Bridge, that was closed down. That FU*%$ING sucked, considering I...

oh, wait a tick...I didn't tell you the beginning of this story!

I had been awake since approximately 7:30 in the AM that Friday of October the 30th. So let's do some quick math: 7:30am -- 2:30pm Friday, October the 30th = 37 waking hours.

WHAT?! Let me double check my math...

7:30am October 30th -- 7:30pm October 30th = 12 hours
7:30pm October 30th -- 7:30am October 31st = 12 hours
7:30am October 31st -- 2:30pm October 31st = 7 hours.

12 + 12 = 7 = 37 hours. (I had to show my work for you math (accidentally spelled it "meth" at first, which would have helped with the drive, that's for damn sure. I DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN NARCOTICS) teachers potentially reading this.

Alright, back to the story. Let's recap the last part. I'm in the San Fransisco Bay area. It's about 2:30 in the afternoon, and I drove all the way to the Bay Bridge which I JUST FOUND OUT is closed for repairs. I've included a map so we can all have perspective of how large the Bay area really is.

It took me OVER AN HOUR to drive around the peninsula (I got lost twice. Leave me alone about it, I hadn't slept!). I probably arrived around 4 o'clock, took a much need shower before Jamie and her friend's Cristian, Chris (whom I refer to as Harrington, as Jamie calls them both "Chris"), and Dan took me to a neat little Mexican food diner in a neighborhood called The Mission.

Fast forward (I think we had bullshitted around for a while before everyone started getting ready for their Halloween festivities. I was fully expecting to stay in and pass-the-fu*%-out. I didn't let them let me fall asleep, so I went out! In fact, I met up with my really old friend, Emily, and her friend, Carina, who is just as beautiful as I remember her! We walked around for a while trying to find bars that were still open, but they were all closed like pansies. We ended up going back to her and Carina's apartment and hung out and munched on snacksies. I don't know what came over me, either alcohol or pure exhaustion, but I decided to lay down right on their kitchen floor. It felt nice, I remember that much. Emily made me get up a few minutes later to put me on the couch where, at 1:30-2am on Sunday, November the 1st, I called it quits and fell asleep for the first time in 42 hours.

That was the adventure preceding the exciting headache of job searching. It turned out that Jamie and the Chris's wanted me to stay in San Francisco. I mean, to live there. That was flattering as fu*%, let me tell ya. I even considered it! For the next TWO weeks! It wasn't until I was listening to "Zerthis Was A Shivering Human Image" from a Portland musician known as Eluvium.

Someday I will go into detail about how I came about this guy's music.

Anyway, so I was listening to this song while filling out applications and submitting resumes to business both in Portland and San Francisco, and it's because of this song I remember my ambition to move to Portland. It had been on my agenda for over a year, and I needed to follow through with it. So I did.

I arrived on Friday, November the 13th, 2009. My cousin, whom I uncomfortably have to refer to as "Kiki," let me sleep on her couch until I found a place to live. Four days later, I found a room share in southeast Portland with a dude named Jesse, and one of the greatest dogs in the world, Sable.

Now, about Friday the 13th. I've always enjoyed...I just now realized it could still be considered a good omen, rather than the bad omen I've been thinking of it...I've always enjoyed my Friday the 13th's. They've always been good days. Not great. But, just good. But for the last few weeks, I've been discouraged about finding a job. Either I'm over-qualified, under-qualified, or I just don't have an "in" with the company. I finally had an interview with a printing company I was interested in, but it turns out they're not officially hiring until January. Bummer. Mega-bummer. Although I still hope I get the job, it's just too far away to keep my hopes up. But today, Monday, December the 21st, I have been called in for another interview at a local glass company. This is also an exciting job opportunity as I finally get to learn what glass can really be. I'll  elaborate more with my interest in glass some other time.

But, listen, I gotta go. I gotta get some photos in this post, and get the rest of my day going! Fun news will be heard very soon regarding my plans for 2010!

This post is already ridiculously long, so, instead of explaining or injecting specific photos within this post, I'm just gonna clickable image link to a small slide show thing here at the end. But! If you're curious about any of the images or the stories behind them, feel free to ask!

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